Bulleid original light pacifics - MikeMorant
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Previously unpublished early pictures of Bulleid's pacifics are always welcome and here we see pre-naming 21C137 in Southern malachite livery in 1947. 21C137 would later be named Clovelly and numbered 34037 under BR ownership. I don't know the location and help with naming it would be appreciated. The sleeve note states "Nr. Tonbridge" which I think is highly unlikely. Identifying the location was quite a journey - if you'll pardon the pun please - that was undertaken by David Woodcock who was determined to track it down although the answer came as much of a surprise to him as it did to me. He posted the query on John Hinson's signal box site because, as I'd suggested, the 'box at the left edge of the image must be familiar to someone. It was and this is the response verbatim: "The photograph is taken from the north-west end of Clapham (now Clapham High Street) station looking towards Wandsworth Road and Victoria.The photographer is standing between the (then) non-electrified up relief and the electrified up and down main lines in the widening which once provided space for a platform on the ex-LCDR lines (closed c1917). On the left can be seen the electrified up and down South London lines which also belonged to the LCDR but only carried LBSCR trains, and Clapham (Goods?) signal box. The low-level goods yard was Clapham (LCDR) Goods which I remember as mainly handling coal and builders' materials. There were various connections between the three LCDR running lines and the goods yard access which included a facing crossover from the up main to the up relief - and this was the reason for the LH splitting home signal." And, lastly, thank you to all who contributed to this thread.