Bulleid original MN's - MikeMorant
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Bulleid original Merchant Navy pacific no. 35023 Holland-Afrika Line appears to be in charge of a local or semi-fast service on a misty 1956 morning. The three coach set in BR corporate two-tone livery of the period is also of Bulleid origin but the set number isn't legible. 35023 was a 1948 BR built example rebuilt in February 1957 and one of those that remained in service to the last in July 1967.
Chris Knowles-Thomas tells us that the Bulleid 3-set is one of set Nos. 963 – 980 built 1945/46 on 57ft 11in underframes – all subsequent Bulleid coaches had 63ft 5in.
The location is a mystery although I have a suspicion that it's somewhere in the Blackmore Vale but suggestions are welcome one of which suggests between Dinton and Tisbury.
[Mike Morant collection]