Bulleid original MN's - MikeMorant
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Bulleid original Merchant navy pacific no. 35016 Elders Fyffes in 1955 but the stated location (Axminster) is unlikely as 35016 was a Nine Elms based loco from new and was still so when this shot was taken. A viewer has suggested that this shot was taken at Hurstbourne and close inspection of the picture content seems to support this. Between the second and third telegraph poles on the right is a signal gantry but the signal and supporting pole on the right have been removed completely. It is probable that the missing distant arm protected the erstwhile junction for the branch to Longparish, Wherwell and Fullerton Junction which was closed to passengers in 1931 although I don't know when the track was lifted. Withdrawal of the rebuilt version of 35016 came in August 1965 at Weymouth mpd.