Bulleid original MN's - MikeMorant
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An interesting and perhaps historic picture of Bulleid original Merchant Navy pacific no. 35030 at Stewarts Lane on May 1st, 1950.
The first and most obvious point to note is the Night Ferry headboard but then, when we look at the main body of the locomotive, there are other noteworthy features. The livery is lined malachite but apparently with much of the line along the middle of the side casing missing but this could be an aberration on this poor quality negative. There is no proclamation of ownership on the tender which is a bit of a surprise as the loco entered service in April 1949 which was well into BR ownership. However, repainting into the then corporate blue livery would follow and in the same month that this picture was taken.
I don't know when 35030 was officially named Elder Dempster Lines but it is worth noting that the plate is already in place in this shot but covered by fitted wooden casing to hide it from the public's gaze. I suspect that the naming came after the new livery was applied.
There's been web correspondence on the topic of what colour was applied to those wooden casings and I would suggest from this shot that the casing is malachite. the reason why it looks different in shade against the metal casing is simply that the same colour applied to wood will always appear to be different when applied to another surface such as metal. That is a topic I'm not prepared to discuss here as it's been debated both ad infinitum and ad nauseam on almost all the web message boards of which I'm a member.