Railtours 1967 - MikeMorant
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Warwickshire Railway Society : Farewell to Steam on the L.S.W.R. Tour 11/6/67
BR Standard 5Mt 4-6-0 73085 and Bulleid rebuilt West Country pacific 34004 Yeovil minus nameplates double-head this extensive trip away from Kensington Olympia. the tour started and ended at Birmingham with electric haulage between there and Mitre Bridge.
Having taken our shots here at Olympia we hopped into our car - I don't remember which car or who was driving but I think it was my ma-in-law's Mini Traveller with me at the wheel - and we beat the train to the footbridge by Wimbledon's 'C' Box. It doesn't sound like much until one checks the actual timings of the train which tell us that we did it in 23 minutes which included getting to the car and back into traffic as well as parking it and crossing to the other side of the line at Wimbledon. Nett time of about 18 minutes I reckon, Try doing that today!
[Slide taken by Mike Morant]