Railtours 1967 - MikeMorant
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RCTS: Farewell to Southern Steam 18/6/67 Bulleid original WC pacific 34023 Blackmore Vale and rebuilt West Country no. 34108 Wincanton double-head the special through the New Forest much of which is actually devoid of trees. This pairing of motive power hauled the penultimate leg of this tour from Weymouth to Salisbury via Bournemouth, Southampton, Eastleigh and Romsey and was, by this time, running some 45 minutes down on its schedule. The sixbellsjunction web site states that none of the locos wore their erstwhile names but Wincanton certainly did. However, whether they were the real deal or replicas I know not but I think, from a long-ago memory, that they were the real ones.