Railtours 1965 - MikeMorant
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RCTS: Derwent Valley Light Railway Tour 16/1/65
This tour seems to have been little photographed and so it's a pleasure to show off this shot of BR class 03 0-6-0DM no. D2111 at Thorganby (closed to passengers on 1/9/26) on the DVLR.
Some additional notes from Vic Smith: "The coach at the rear is a 1905 ex-SECR 6 wheeled full brake number 1601. When the DVLR closed it was acquired by the Bluebell Railway and can now be found at the Chasewater Railway.
The photo shows the repeat of the previous weeks railtour, this time with the addition of the brake van to satisfy the members who complained about the lack of sustenance and mugs of Yorkshire tea!"

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