Railtours 1962 - MikeMorant
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Scottish Locomotive Preservation Fund: The Covenanter 20/10/62
Caledonian Railway McIntosh 0-6-0 no. 57581 on railtour duty which was a puzzle thankfully unravelled back in my Fotopic days. The sixbellsjunction web site lists several railtours in which this engine participated but all bar this one have entirely different rolling stock formations from the one seen here. That exception is The Covenanter which was organised by the Scottish Locomotive Preservation Fund and ran on October 20th, 1962. The route printed on the tour tickets was Glasgow (St Enoch) - Coatbridge - Lanark - Ayr - Greenock P.P. - St. Enoch. I'm pretty sure that this was taken during that day out but does anyone recognise the location?
To the rescue comes Jamie Wood who opines that the depicted location is Tarbolton on the G&SWR Mauchline-Ayr line. He's found a shot on the web taken from the other end of the station and it clearly is the same place with the G&SWR signal box, the siting of the tall signal post and the bridge matching my picure precisely. The former Glasgow & South Western station at Tarbolton was opened in 1870 and had closed to passengers as far back as January 1943.