Railtours 1959 - MikeMorant
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LCGB: The Eastern Counties Limited Rail Tour 12/7/59
Former GER Holden E4 clas 2-4-0 no. 62785 was involved in three railtours but in the absence of background notes and any form of tour identification in the image itself I was bereft of clues until Robert Price kindly sent me with the following.: "The photo of LNER E4 No.62785 was taken at Burnham Market Station on 12th July 1959 when it worked the LCGB 'The Eastern Counties Limited Rail Tour with J15 No.65474. The locos ran round the train one at a time just before the platform, the J15 which was the leading locomotive when it arrived at Burnham Market and ran round first followed by the E4; which is why the E4 did not have a headboard at this point. The buffer stops are where the original line would have gone to Wells next the Sea."