Railtours 1957 - MikeMorant
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S.L.S. (Midland Area) Nottinghamshire Coalfield Rail Tour 27/4/57 Standard 2MT 2-6-2T 84006 at Bilsthorpe on 27/4/57.
Nothing like local and specialised knowledge which, this time, is a welcome contribution from Richard Maund: "The train is standing in the MNJ (Mid-Nottinghamshire Joint) loop, facing towards Ollerton with the tail of the train under Bridge no. 22 Bilsthorpe Road (which has been dropped since closure) grid ref SK 651605. Bilsthorpe (MNJ) box is visible through the left hand arch. The pic brings out nicely the fact that the bridge comprised two elements: steel parapets for the LNE side and brick for the (later) MNJ side."