Electric traction (non-Southern) - MikeMorant
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Brand new first generation WCML AL1 class Bo-Bo AC electric locomotive no. E3008 which was designed by British Thomson-Houston (BTH) and entered service in October 1960. Withdrawal as TOPS no. 81007 came in February 1990.
E3008 was part of an exhibition of rolling stock at Battersea Wharf, where this shot was taken, from 3rd to 9th October 1960 in the company of locomotives E5022, E3028, E3041, E3050 and E3056 plus motor brake second E61416 (part of Bishop Stortford emu set 507) and motor brake second Sc61838 the first of the second batch of the Glasgow suburban scheme units (unit 062). RO, Nov 1960 page 345.
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