NER locomotives - MikeMorant
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Wilson Worsdell's J72 0-6-0T design dated back to 1898 when the first example entered service with the North eastern Railway and it is widely regarded as one of Britain's most successful locomotive types as batches were still being buolt into BR days. Illustrated here is just such an example in the form of service stock no. 58 inside Tyne Dock shed ib september 1967. No. 58 was built at darlington in November 1949 and entered service as BR no. 69005 initially allocated to Gateshead mpd but later transferred to North Blyth whence withdrawal came in October 1964 but that obviously wasn't the end of the story as 69005 entered into service stock and continued as such until eventual withdrawal in October 1967. Part dismantled thompson K1 mogul no. 62023is in background.