NER locomotives - MikeMorant
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Ex-NER Raven 'D' class 4-4-4T no. 2161 - depicted here in its LNER guise as class 'H1' - which would be rebuilt as an A8 4-6-2T in 1935 and so we can disregard the risible sleeve note that came with this negative as it states that the image date is 1947 !!! However, the stated location, Neville Hill mpd, a viewer assures me is correct. I also have doubts as to just how original this rather good quality negative actually is.
As a class A8 no. 2161 was injhitially allocated to Starbeck, acquired its BR number 69868 in August 1948 whilst allocated to Saltburn and withdrawal came from West Auckland mpd in November 1957.