NER locomotives - MikeMorant
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This shot which, according to the sleeve notes, was taken at carlisle in 1926 puzzled me as I couldn't nail down the locomotive class pictorially although I was sure that it had a distinctly NER look to it but Richard Marsden has come to the rescue: "No. 502 is a North Eastern Railway McDonnell J22 class 0-6-0 built at Darlington in May 1884 and withdrawn by the LNER on 28th February 1929 whilst allocated to Carlisle where it had been based since 18th April 1925. Not all J22's had the curved running plate and prominent tender springs. Yeadon's (v47A), page 72 shows No. 455 with curved running plate and the promintent tender springs. The "&" in LNER is early - which matches the 1920s date. In 1924 it was allocated to West Auckland which is where I assume it received the tender cab sheet."