M&GNJR - MikeMorant
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The M&GNJR's small fleet of 0-6-0 tender engines encompasses a number of complexities several of which are visible in this picture which was taken during 1934 at a classic M&GN location, Melton Constable, with the Melton East signal box as the backdrop. There were 0-6-0's of both Midland and Great Nortern origins on the M&GN and both are featured here thereby providing us with a ready comparison of the two designs.
On the left is no. 82 which was an Ivatt design akin to the LNER's J4 class but it's been modified at the front end and more resembles a Derby product. No. 82 had been built by Dübs & Co. in October 1900 and survived into LNER days becoming 082 in March 1937 and was further renumbered in 1946 to become 4157 but withdrawal came in August 1947.
On the right is no. 68 which was a standard Johnson design for the MR and was built for the M&GN by Kitson in April 1899. No. 68 was less fortunate than its compatriot in this picture because it was withdrawn in November 1936 and not taken into LNER stock.