LNER tank locomotives - MikeMorant
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No. 773044 is depicted here at Eastfield mpd (Glasgow) and was one of two self propelled Sentinel steam ash cranes used by the LNER and BR at Scottish MPDs. The other was 773066. They were Sentinel 8157/1929 and 8565/1931 respectively and were renumbered 971575 and 971577 in LNER days before eventually becoming RS1032/1½ and RS1033/1½ (RS = Rail Steam) (reflecting ScR leanings towards the LMSR/LMR crane numbering conventions). 773044 was used at Parkhead, Eastfield and Dundee sheds; and 773066 at St. Margarets, Haymarket, Thornton and Dundee sheds. The crane and jib were built by Coles in Derby, and the chassis, boiler and two engines - one for the crane, the other for propulsion - by Sentinel in Shrewsbury. 773044 was withdrawn in July 1959 and 773066 in November 1959.
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