LNER tank locomotives - MikeMorant
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This oddity is LNER 'Super Sentinel' no. 8404 which was the second numerically of this class of two geared locomotives built specifically for use on the Wisbech & Upwell Tramway wher they proved to be less than the success that had been hoped for. No. 8404 was renumbered to 7166 in the LNER's 1946 scheme and survived until withdrawal at Yarmouth South Town shed in August 1948 but the allocated BR number 68187 was never applied.

This shot, taken at Yarmouth, isn't dated. One historical source states that the cow catchers were removed in May 1931 following the unsuccessful period on the W&UT but a comment I've received points out that the lettering on the wagon is post-1936 and that the side skirts were mandatory for street running as shown here.