LNER tank locomotives - MikeMorant
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British Railways North Eastern Region Steam Engine
A strong Thompson influence makes for a wonderfully evocative picture taken at Darlington Bank Top. B1 4-6-0 no. 1276 is in LNER apple green livery whilst on the right we see L1 2-6-4T no. 67717 with its BR number on the buffer beam, the same number in large numerals on the cab side, BRITISH RAILWAYS in full on the tank side whilst the visible rolling stock comprises Gresley articulated twins built in 1938/39 with the nearest pair being a diagram 270 twin third + third. Following that is a diagram 269 twin brake third + lav'y third. >[Rolling stock data from Chris Knowles-Thomas]
Anthony Moss notes: "The L1 pictured here was modelled by Hornby with the same markings, including numbers on the buffer beams and painted in BR Apple Green which could well be the colour of this engine. "