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An unusual view of Ipswich station taken from above the tunnel mouth. This shot, depicting a Class 47 in charge of a Norwich -Liverpool Street service, was taken before electrification and by the looks of it during the immediate aftermath of the demolition of the signal cabin at the London end of the island platform suggesting that the shot could be dated quite closely to that event. The slide has '84' written on it in pencil and it's been confirmed that the signal cabin closed in April '84.
Perhaps of interest to viewers is that I lived only about 300 metres directly behind this vantage point in the mid-1990's but one had to walk around the hill to get there which at least doubled the distance. There's a little known fact another 200 metres in that same direction which manifests itself as Station Street and crosses over the tunnel mouth at the London end. Very strange even for residents as it's at least a half mile from a station but it's a reminder that it served the terminus of the Eastern Union Railway until the tunnel was bored and the present station replaced it. A turning off Station St. is the very short Webb St. whiuch has the EUR Hotel at the further end. Very nice it looks, too. When I lived there it was a not very pleasant watering hole which had a splendid inn sign depicting a green liveried 4-2-2. The opposite corner, now residential, was also a pub called the GER but that referred to the Brunel steamship and not the railway with that title. It was closed in 1996 on health grounds and thank heavens for that.
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