East Coast express Power - MikeMorant
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LNER Gresley A1 claqss pacific no. 2563 William Whitelaw in charge of an Edinburgh to King;s Cross service at Portobello (Edinburgh). No. 2563 was built for the LNER by NBL and entered service in July 1924 as a Haymarket allocated engine. Scotland would remain her home until July 1950 which heralded a move south to Doncaster. In August 1941 the loco's name was transferred to an A4 and the new name Tagalie was applied and then, in November 1942, came enhancement to the A3 specification. The LNER's renumbering scheme saw 2563 renumbered to 64 and then, on 31/1/48, that was temporarily prefixed with 'E'. The BR number 60064 was applied in July 1949 whilst she was allocated to Haymarket shed. Transfer from Doncaster to 36A Grantham came in June 1959 and there she would remain until withdrawal in July 1961.
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