East Coast express Power - MikeMorant
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LNER Thompson designed A2/1 class pacific no. 3699 near the ash pits at Edinburgh's Haymarkey depot. No. 3699 was one of four V2's that were revised into this form and this example entered sertvice in January 1945 but wasn't allpocated to haymarket until the March. There is feaure in this shot which narrows the date range when it was taken and that is the fact that electric lighting hasn't yet been fitted which indicates that this is before July 1945.
The LNER 1946 renumbering saw 3699 become 510 in that scheme and in April/May 1948 BR branding as 60510 and the name Robert the Bruce were applied. 60510 remained a Scottish engine for its entire but short career being withdrawn as a St. Margaret's engine in November 1960.
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