East Coast express Power - MikeMorant
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Peppercorn A1 class pacific no. 60121 Silurian on shed at York. Although this was an LNER designed loco it emeged new from Doncaster plant in December 1948 well intoi the BR era and would be a York based engine until withdrawal in October 1965. These were fine engines and I was privileged to ride behind one, I have no record of which example, on what was known as 'The Braford Flyer' from King;s cross to Leeds (Central) in July 1964. In truth it was a 'Flyer' only as far as Doncaster but that was the most exhilerating ride I ever had on BR metals behind steam. That has to be stressed because THE most exhilerating was behind DP1 from Peterborough to Finsbury Park in September 1961 but that's another story.