East Coast express Power - MikeMorant
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I was flabbergasted when I first glimpsed this negative and even more so once I'd scanned it. Passing through York's impressive station architecture is a subject that is just as impressive in the form of September 1949 built Peppercorn A1 pacific no. 60115 in LNER apple green (lining out on the buffer beam is the clue say Ian rathbone and Simon Lilley) livery with BRITISH RAILWAYS in full on the tender and also prior to naming as Meg Merrilies in June 1950 but as if that wasn't enough to ingest the vehicle behind the tender is an absolute gem in the form of a Coronation beaver tail observation car 1729 in pre-war pomp. Close examination of the original image more than suggests that the Coronation car is virtually straight out of the paint shop. It's difficult to see in this image but the original scan shows us that the figure leaning out of the cab is, in fact, a rather attractive young lady.
Peter Kellett adds this interesting note: "The Beaver Tail observation coach would likely have been ex York Carriage Works and the train the equivalent of the 1958 train, reporting number 39, which was the 09:35 Delaval Sidings (near Blaydon) to Holloway ecs which recessed and reformed at York Clifton Carriage Sidings between 12:29 and 16:05 before passing York station and through my 'home' station of Selby at 16:28."