LNER 4-6-0's and prairies - MikeMorant
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SLS: London Junctions Special 6/10/51
LNER Thompson B1 class 4-6-0 no. 61175 at the unlikely location of Kensington Olympia facing north at the start of this tour which went as far afield as Tottenham and Kew returning to Olympia via Clapham Junction. The load was ten coaches which was pretty hefty for a railtour and the stock looks to me to of the Hawksworth variety. 61175 was, when this shot was taken, based at 30A Stratford but would move in the same month to Immingham mpd where it would remain for ten years. Its final move would be to Colwick in October 1960 withdrawal from that shed coming in December 1963.