LNER 4-6-0's and prairies - MikeMorant
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LNER Gresley B17 'Sandringham' 4-6-0 No. 2805 Burnham Thorpe in charge of the 'Flushing Continental' somewhere on the GER main line to Shenfield. The date is between 1932 and 1938 which has been derived from another negative in this small batch. Note the Pullman cars in the rake of stock. The location was something of a mystery although the housing in the background suggested the London end of the line and Andy Rush has informed me that the train is approaching Chadwell Heath on the down Fast line whilst the distinctive footbridge in the background is No.90 at 9m 47½ch from London. No. 2805 was renamed Lincolnshire Regiment in 1938, became 61605 at nationalisation and its BR number was applied in April 1949. Withdrawal was from Stratford mpd in May 1958. NOTE: 'Flushing' is the English language bastardisation of the Dutch place name 'Vlissingen'.