LNER 4-6-0's and prairies - MikeMorant
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An interesting pre-WW2 shot taken from a carriage window of Gresley B17 'Sandringham' class 4-6-0 no. 2817 Ford Castle. The all-encompassing headboard states "Chivers Olde English Marmalade is first-class fare!" but do we have any 1st class memories of where this working was recorded as I'm sure that it has appeared in a magazine or book albeit in the distant past? However, the issue here is where was this shot taken. However, the estimable Vic Smith has again come to the rescue with these notes: "Almost certain this is Doncaster, with 2817 on the Down Through road, before the 1947 resignalling. The track layout (with crossover) and water column with signal post in front are clearly visible on the 1902 'old-maps.co.uk' website. The point rodding is also in the right place, as was the signal box off to the right of the photo.