GNR locomotives - MikeMorant
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When one struggles continually with undocumented original film material it's a welcome change to be in a psition to positively identify a location which is indisputable as is the case with this admirable portrait of ex-GNR Ivatt D2 class 4-4-0 no. 4377 depicted alongside Potters Bar signal box. the date is more difficult to determine as the accompanying scribble stated "1930's" which is very dubious. This negative was amongst a batch of Potters Bar shots obviously taken by one photographer and probably all within a short space of time and one inclusion which will be uploaded in the near future (as at 26/2/13) features a NLR 4-4-0T which was scrapped in either 1927 or 1928 and I think that was the reason why the photographer was at that location.
The engine featured here was built at Doncaster with works no. 918 in 1901 and entered service as fleet no. 1377 but what I've found interesting is that the 100 year old table of data that I'm referring to describes this as the 'V3' class rather than 'D2'.