GNR locomotives - MikeMorant
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King's Cross as many of 'us' remember it although probably many years after this shot was taken from what was the spotters' platform. i.e. no platform ticket required! On the left is Gresley B17 4-6-0 1610 Honingham Hall whilst in equally grimy condition on the right is Ivatt C1 4-4-2 2801 of 1904 vintage although she was already at the end of her days by this time as she was withdrawn from Top Shed in August 1947. The stock behind the C1 appears to be a quad-art with '8' as the start of the set number. 1610 is probably in charge of a Cambridge express and she was to survive until 1960 as BR no. 61610 being withdrawn from 31A in January of that year.