GNR locomotives - MikeMorant
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Green liveried, LNER, Gresley, A4 pacific no. 4493 Woodcock speeds through Hitchin whilst Ivatt C1 class atlantic no. 4419 shunts what appears to be a horsebox in the carriage siding. Although undocumented this shot can be fairly closely dated as 4493 wore this livery for only a short time from new in July 1937 until repainting in garter blue in June 1938. Additionally, she was allocated initially to heaton would move first to Doncaster and then to Kings's Cross in 1938 and so we are looking at a period of only the first 6 months of 1938.
4419 is an interesting subject in its own right as Gresley had used her as a testbed for a booster apparatus from 1923 thru' 1935 after which she was unrebuilt to her original form as shown here. She survived into the BR era and allegedly wore the BR no. 62849 (date of application not known to me) but was quickly withdrawn as an Ardsley allocated engine in July 1948.
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