GER locomotives - MikeMorant
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Everyone loves a Toby! Former GER, Holden designed J70 class 0-6-0T tram engine no. 68223 fitted with 'kilt' and brnded with British Railways in full is depicted here at Yarmouth in 1955 which is where 68223 was withdrawn from service in July of that year. A viewer informs me that the line on the embankment is from Yarmouth Beach station and is about to pass over Breydon Viaduct.
Kilt? Well, this class gained the nickname Toby from the famed Rev. Awdry stories which date from the 1950's which suggests that there might have been a gender change as the protective banding around the wheels had always been known as the 'skirt' amongst railway enthusiasts. LoL.
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