GER locomotives - MikeMorant
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Holden J67/1 class 0-6-0T no. 68616 in charge of a typical mixed train at Tollesbury in August 1950. This was on the Kelverdon & Tollesbury Light railway which would close to passenger traffic on 7/5/51.
David Woodcock has sent me these notes concerning the carriage in this picture: "It is a six-wheeler! Built by the GER as its no.11 to diagram 610 for use on the Stoke Ferry branch and was renumbered 62261 by the LNER. It was altered in 1931 (after closure of the Stoke Ferry branch) for use on the Tollesbury line. It was always a brake third. There was a similar but not identical vehicle which had been built by the GER as its no.10 to diagram 609 for use as a first/third composite on the Stoke Ferry line (where it was subsequently numbered 63255 by the LNER). It was converted in 1931 to a brake third numbered 62262 for use at Tollesbury. Both vehicles remained in use at Tollesbury, almost certainly still in LNER brown, until the line there closed."
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