GCR locomotives - MikeMorant
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GCR Robinson designed and 1922 built B7 class 4-6-0 no. 5469 which was the LNER number applied during a works visit in 1924 and so this shot, notwithstanding the Great Central markings on the tender, was actually taken after the grouping at Nottingham Victoria. This loco's numbering would take an erratic turn when it received the LNER new number 1377 in 1946 and would have logically been prefixed with a '6' after nationalisation but that would have clashed with the number series allocated to the new Thompson B1 class and so it was finally adorned with 61705 in May 1949 which could be interpreted as a waste of effort as withdrawal came at Sheffield darnall only 9 months later in February 1951.