GCR locomotives - MikeMorant
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Manchester Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway, Parker designed 2-4-0 no. 507 was one of three of this class built in 1883 for the important Manchester to Grantham express services where they were found to be unstable at speed and didn't survive for long in that environment. The MS&LR relegated them to secondary services and they became part of the GCR's stock where they were designated as class '6D'. All three just about survived the grouping and the LNER classified them as 'E2' but all were withdrawn by the end of 1924. This image shows the GCR modified version that was applied to all of the class by Robinson in the form of his No. 1 standard Belpaire boiler. An unusual design feature of this class was that the the driving wheels were outside framed but the leading axle was not despite appearances which were purely cosmetic.
Obviously taken in the GCR era this negative is otherwise undocumented.
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