Other pre-LMS locomotives - MikeMorant
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This side profile of North Staffordshire Railway 'K' class 4-4-2T no. 14 is depicted on a turntable at what the sleeve note describe as Manchester 1921 and which a viewer has confirmed as being London Road. No, 14 was a product of the NSR's Stoke works in June 1912, was renumbered to 2185 and classified as 3P by the LMSR which saw fit to withdraw this handsome engine in December 1933. That same viewer adds this: "These engines worked London expresses as far as Stoke where LNWR engines took over. It was all part of the rather complicated arrangements between the two companies after the initial struggle on the part of the NSR to avoid being taken over. In those balmy days (as they say) the LNWR engine would actually work down light engine from Crewe to Stoke to take over the train and so there certainly wasn't much money saved by this arrangement"