NLR locomotives - MikeMorant
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A less than brilliant shot of a crane tank, a type of loco which most steam enthusiasts find fascinating. The background data I had to hand was open to correction but Chris McDermott has kindly filled in most of the blanks: No 27217 was built by Sharp Stewart in 1858 as an 0-4-0 for the North and South Western Junction Railway and was rebuilt as an 0-4-2CT at Bow Works in 1872 at which time she was numberless being named 'STEAM CRANE'. She was numbered 2896 by the LNWR in 1922, and subsequently renumbered 7217 by the LMSR in 1923. The '2' prefix was later applied by the LMSR which is how we see her depicted here at Devons Road shed on July 9th, 1939. She remained in service until February 1951 and was allotted BR no. 58865 which was applied in March 1949.