LTSR locomotives - MikeMorant
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This 0-6-2T bore a name at one time and managed to be the owner of five different numbers in its lifetime which, unusally for a pre-grouping class of which so few were built, extended into the 1960's. LMSR no. 2221 was a Whitelegg design for the London Tilbury and Southend Railway and was a member of the LTSR's class 69. Built by NBL in 1903 this engine, the second to be built, entered LTSR service as no. 70 named BASILDON but absorption into the Midland Railway in 1912 required a number change to 2181 and probably the removal of the name. The grouping saw the LMS apply 2221 and later 2181 again. The LMSR saw fit to apply 1981 after the war and that was later prefixed with a '4' by BR in May 1948. 41981 as it had become was withdrawn from service at Tilbury shed in June 1962.