LNWR locomotives - MikeMorant
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An interesting picture taken at Afon Wen where the LNWR line from Bangor met the Cambrian line between Portmadoc and Pwhelli and the LMS train is in the LNWR Platform pointing towards Bangor. The train engine is Webb 'Coal Tank' no. 7796 which didn't have the LMS number applied until 1928 whilst the Precedent 2-4-0 acting as pilot isn't readily identifiable.
The GWR engine facing the camera is a Barnum class 2-4-0 but the buffer beam number isn't visible and I've been informed that the loco at the left of the image is a Cambrian Large Goods (73 class), aka 'Aston Goods', which became GWR nos. 875 to 885.
[E. A. Gurney-Smith / Mike Morant collection]