LNWR locomotives - MikeMorant
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LNWR Ramsbottom 0-6-0ST 'Special Tank' Earlestown depicted, as one would expect, at Wolverton carriage works. For the benefit of LNWR followers the shot clearly shows LMS on the tank and the nameplate is on the cabside but I can see no trace of a works plate. This loco entered service in 1879 but the only other reliable information I have is that it became service stock No. CD8. I've, received with my grateful thanks, some interesting background data for this image: "This one is for sure a bit shy - I have it transferred to service stock in May 1881. It would not have had a visible works plate as on LNW locos it was attached to the motion plate, consequently very few have survived. Normally the building date was on the numberplate from 1873 and on the nameplate - if named. However the service locos had cast rather than engraved plates - with the name only, and the numberplates were removed! As an aside among the earliest numberplates fitted in January 1873 were D&NGR 1 to 3 - and all have survived. These locos also had cast nameplates without the other details."

lnwrramsbottonspecial tank060stwolverton