LNWR locomotives - MikeMorant
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SLS: Farewell to LNWR Locomotives tour12/12/64
LNWR Bowen Cooke Super D 0-8-0's nos. 49430 and 49361 were the sole motive power for this round trip from Bescot to Bescot and most of the time were in double-headed mode as depicted here at Aldridge between Walsall and Water Orton West. I've noted from the actual timings of this trip that there was supposed to be an 11 minute stop here but due to late running it wes shortened to just 2 minutes. I have three shots taken by different photographers all taken from roughly this same viewpoint and one wonders whether they were iteinerent or very fleet footed!

LNWRBowen CookeSuper DG2a080