LNWR locomotives - MikeMorant
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An unidentified LNWR Samson 2-4-0 with an inspection saloon at what was, to begin with, a mystery location. However, Harry Jack of the LNWR Society has come to the rescue: "I'm pretty certain it's Hartford Jct looking NW from Hodge Lane bridge, with the Cheshire Lines bridge behind the camera over the main L&NWR. Three lines - L to R: Down, Up, and Up Goods which joins the spur coming in from the CLR in the right distance, before it all joins/rejoins the main line beyond the far overbridge. Distant overbridge to Hodge Lane Farm; Hodge Lane itself (trees) going off on the left." Ted Talbot adds a supporting note regarding the locomotive: "LNWR Samson 2-4-0 with the early flap-type smokebox door but that does not mean the date is the 1880s because these engines when on ‘engineers’ duties (ie when removed from the capital list and transferred to departmental use) retained these doors until scrapped." Phillip A. Millard regarding the carriage: "I agree that the location is Hartford (the widening to four tracks from Acton Bridge was carried out by the LMS) and the carriage is indeed the Directors' Saloon of 1897 D.3. "