LMSR tank locomotives - MikeMorant
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LMSR Ivatt designed Mickey Mouse 2MT 2-6-2T no. 41291 with Bulleid stock. Here's where it gets interesting. The negative is dated 17/8/65 when, according to my historical notes, 41291 was allocated to Templecombe. However, the shed plate tells us that it is allocated to 83D Exmouth Junction where it was, indeed, allocated to until the month before this shot was allegedly taken. So, does anyone recognise the station? Location etc. from David Woodcock: "Lyme Regis branch bay at Axminster - the head code fits too. The Bulleid stock probably means that it is a through working from/to Waterloo, although possibly only on the return working from Lyme. I don't think the 1965 date can be right, 1961-63 is more likely, after the Adams Radials were withdrawn and before diesel units took over in 1964."
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