LMSR other tender locomotives - MikeMorant
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I love atmospheric shots and this takes some beating. Hughes 'crab' 2-6-0 No. 42939 piloting arguably that CME's masterpiece of design in the form of 4-4-0 compund No. 41135 bearing the early BR legend on the tender. I was led to believe that the location is Oxenholme but Vic Smith has proved that, once again, supporting data supplied with original film has less value than IZAL printed on old fashioned bog paper. Vic has contributed (to me) a wealth of photographic evidence supporting his assertion that this was actually taken at Nuneaton. His paraphrased notes are: "The engines are standing on the Up Fast. The other lines are Down Main (nearest the locos) and Down Goods whilst the line diverging to the right leads to the Coventry Branch. Behind the 'box (Nuneaton No. 1) is a large goods shed which is visible in an image on the Warwickshire Railways website."