LMSR other tender locomotives - MikeMorant
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LMSR Fowler 2P class 4-4-0 no. 40584 pilots an unidentified Stanier Jubilee 4-6-0 in charge of a rake of BR blood & custard liveried LMSR coaches with not a BR Mk 1 in sight which suggests a date around 1950. 40584 acquired its BR branding in June 1948 which was quite early in the scheme of things. It's noticeable that the tender's BR logo on the 2P is much lower than on a subsequent shot that I'm captioning. There's no location supplied with this negative but just a suggestion that it might have been taken in the Liverpool area. No. 40584 move around a bit during the 1950's and would be withdrawn from service at Farnley Junction mpd in October 1960.