LMSR other tender locomotives - MikeMorant
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In September 1930 the LMSR held an exhibition and pageant in Liverpool to celebrate the centenary of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway. The exhibition was placed in Wavertree Park which is where we see the brand new Beyer Garratt 2-6-0 + 0-6-2 no. 4972 resplendent in exhibition finish for Joe Public to admire. It's worth mentioning here that all the reference works to which I have access state that 4972's build date was 30/9/30 which, not for the first time, shows just how careful one should be when quoting official dates for entry into service as, in theory, it hadn't been built when this picture was taken. David Woodcock adds the following notes on this subject: "Changes to capital stock (notably new additions or withdrawals) were always quoted as occurring within a financial period. These periods, once monthly but (under Treasury influence) 4-weekly in BR days, were named for their last date (e.g. 4-weeks ending 23/03/2013) so in this case 4972 was built during the month ending 30/09/1930 and, in practice, early enough in the month to appear at the centenary exhibition." No. 4972 would be renumbered to 7975 by the LMS and then prefixed with a '4' by BR in June 1948. Withdrawal was from Toton mpd in July 1955. The loco lurking in the background is Fowler Royal Scot class 4-6-0 no. 6100.