LMSR 4-6-0 locomotives - MikeMorant
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Shots of double-headed steam locos are always a welcome sight and here we see Stanier 'Jubilee' 4-6-0 no. 45690 Leander - still with us in the heritage era - piloting a Caprotti 'Black 5' at Chaloners Whin Junction, 2 miles south of York Station. No. 45690 would have been a Bristol (Barrow Road) engine when this shot was taken.
Vic Smith's keen eye has noted the telegraph pole mounted loudspeaker dircetly above the Black 5's cab and has enquired as to what it's there for. The NRM has been most helpful in its further enquiries and elicited this response from signalling sprcialist Richard Pulleyn:

When the new signalling was installed at York in 1951, telephones were provided at strategic points so that staff could communicate with the signalman. In particular, if there was a power failure, points had to be moved by hand, under instructions from the signalman.

Chaloners Whin Junction had “Hepper’s Releases”. When operated, these released a crank handle for “winding over” the points by hand.

Telephones were useful (if not essential) but had the disadvantage that the point operator had to keep breaking off to walk over to the phone to speak or listen.

Therefore, “two-way loudspeakers” were later provided to supplement use of telephones – they could be heard from a fair distance and picked up a man shouting quite easily. That is what can be seen at Chaloners Whin Junction on the photo you sent.

These two-way speakers were most successful; when I was Relief Train Recorder at York Yard North, we used them to communicate with train crew, the Yard Foreman or the Shunters.

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