LMSR 4-6-0 locomotives - MikeMorant
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Stanier Black '5' 4-6-0 No. 44774 draws past the magnificent No. 1 signal box at Broad Street station having brought in the empty stock for the 'Wandering 1500' railtour on 15/10/63. Broad Street station, for the benefit of younger viewers, was a large terminus station with considerable goods facilities right next to Liverpool Street station in the heart of London which was closed in 1986, demolished and replaced with a large glass box. The station originated with the North London Railway and was subsequently taken over by the LNWR. What isn't generally recalled is that it was an overspill facility for its next door neighbour the GER. My memory of it during brief visits during the 1950's was that nothing happened there outside the peak hours and just about the only activity was a magnificent cased model of an NLR 4-4-0T the wheels of which turned on inserton of a penny in the slot provided.

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