LMSR 4-6-0 locomotives - MikeMorant
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LMSR Fowler designed Patriot class 4-6-0 no. 45541 Duke of Sutherland in charge of a goods working passing Leicester North signal box. What it was doing there is anybody's guess but 45541 was allocated to Rugby mpd from November 1959 until December 1960 and then to Nuneaton - the shed plate appears to confirm the latter - until withdrawal in June1962. One of my supportive viewers has kindly expanded my writings with the following: "The locomotive is on the up goods line and about to pass around the east side of Leicester (London Road) station. The view is from 'the birdcage', a fenced footpath which offered generations of us Leicester spotters a fine elevated view of the Midland Main Line just north of the station and of Leicester Midland mpd's yard off to the right."