LMSR 4-6-0 locomotives - MikeMorant
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Raleigh, the bicycles manufacturer, was known for its caring stance towards its employees and organised annual Works Outings for them. This was the 1954 bash photographed at Nottingham (Midland) on 29/5/54 and the size of the oepration becomes apparent when one realises that there was a third train which isn't depicted here and all were Stanier Jublee hauled with reporting nos. M962 thru' M964. On the left we see M962 in the charge of 45699 Galatea whilst on the right is 45610 Gold Coast with M963. 45699 was a Bristol Barrow Road engine and 45610 was from Derby. M964 was hauled by 45576 Bombay, a Millhouses engine.
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