GWR other tender engines - MikeMorant
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This negative was sent to me by mistake and I never did get the original purchase which was a portrait of West Clare Railway no. 10. However, I was given this shot as part of the compensation and what an interesting one it is. After much shuffling around of the digital image amongst GWR aficionados two pundits positively identified the location as Wrexham looking towards the North signal box which is visible in the background. The leading coach is a Maunsell 3rd brake by the looks of it and the motive power is Collett 2251 class 0-6-0 2235 piloted by an unidentifiable Castle class 4-6-0.
2235 would have been a Shrewsbury allocated engine when this shot was taken and so that must have been before a move to Brecon mpd in August 1954.
The train is almost certainly a through working from either Bournemouth or Dover to Birkenhead.