GWR 4-6-0's - MikeMorant
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I found out about this trip simply because I worked next door to Paddington station at the time. This was the last official steam departure from Paddington on June 11th 1965 but it wasn't a special train as it was the 16:15 departure for Bicester aka The Stockbroker's Train. Of course, loads of extra coaches were hung on it but it was still packed to the gunwhales. The train disgorged the last of its regular (and bemused) clientele at Bicester and then parked itself in a loop whilst a Class 47 on a Birmingham express zoomed past. Bicester was the normal termination point for the train but on this occasion it worked through to Banbury for which the commemorative tickets were valid. It's during that wait at Bicester that this shot of 7029 Clun Castle was snapped.